Are You Getting Sick More Often?
85% of Canadians Will Spend Their Last 10 Years Feeling Sick and Going In and Out of Hospital*

Will You Be One of Them?

*Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation

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This Rare and Powerful Form of Ginseng 
Helps Prevent Illness by Strengthening 
your immune system- while relieving anxiety and stress!

‘Immune By Healle’ is a powerful new supplement that can help you avoid sickness—and keep you out of hospital. Recognized by Health Canada—and powered by a rare form of ginseng that is ten times more powerful than American ginseng—this product is guaranteed to strengthen your immune system—while relieving stress and boosting your mood and sharpening your mind.  
  • ‘Immune by Healle’ uses a key ingredient called Panax quinquefolius to build your immune system. This rare form of ginseng is ten times more powerful than American ginseng. 
  •  ‘Immune by Healle’ —approved by Health Canada—also relieves anxiety and stress—the two single biggest contributors to recurring illness.
  • ‘Immune by Healle’—also boosts mood and mental alertness—while supporting healthy glucose levels. 
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